Raya 2023

Gathering with friends and bonding time with my mum are the inspiration of my Raya Collection 2023. 

I'm June, a "Kuantan Girl" taylor's daughter, passionate for fashion and the big dream of creating unique modern traditional malaysian womenwear.

Wearing Batik customade by mum was my  favourite Raya tradition till the day mum decided to share the art of sewing and encorage me to create my very own Baju for Raya.

From that day, Raya is a very special moment, gathering with family and friends is the inspiration of all my collections.

The Raya 2023 collection is a fusion of traditional festivity colour and unique patter sourced in different regions of Malaysia.

Batik Semi Silk set can be wear for any occasion, formal gathering at work or family reunion Buka Puasa.